A Holster by Any Other Name is Still a Holster

July 04 2018 / DNA TACTICAL INC

To the novice, a gun holster is a leather gun shaped pouch one wears on the side of their hip. The the informed, they know that a gun holster can be nearly anything you can imagine. A gun is but a tool and for every job there exist its proper tool. The same can be said for most gun accessories. Different jobs require a different holster. Is speed required for this particular job as you fancy a quick draw scenario? Or perhaps concealment is what is called for to accomplish this particular mission. Maybe firepower is needed and for that, your standard ankle holster simply wouldn’t do. The options are many, but make no mistake about it. A holster by any other name is still a holster.

Finding the Right Holster Bag for the Job

When you need top not concealment combined with a little fashion and function, the holster bag is really a versatile option. For the ladies, a holster handbag allows you to maintain the full function of a handbag while packing the punch you need should someone make the terrible decision to bring harm your way. The BeBe Holster Handbag is stylish enough for an evening out and yet, keeps a compact handgun quickly accessible. Rather than have a gun loosely floating about in a standard handbag, this bag was specifically designed to be a holster.


With the seemingly increased prevalence of workplace violence, having a firearm with you at work has never been more important. However, many employers frown upon giving their workers the ability to defend oneself. So where discretion in the workplace is key, a Defense Planner might just be what the doctor ordered. Having the appearance of your standard business planner, this holster opens to reveal a compact handgun and extra ammunition. While this particular planner will do nothing to help you schedule your day, it will be sure your day ends with you alive and well. No such promises for the evil doer who enters your workplace.

Increase Your Options with a Belly Band

If options are what the job requires, you would be hard pressed to find a better option than a top notch Underwrap Belly Band. This particular holster fits snug around your belly using heavy duty elastic and provides both concealment and function. There is nearly an infinite variety of configurations where you can hold two firearms, flashlight, handcuffs, extra ammunition and more. It accommodates multiple draw options and is made to fit most semiautomatic pistols and double action revolvers.   



Finally, don’t forget your holster accessories. One of the best pieces of advice we can give anyone looking to conceal carry is to be 100% comfortable with your gear and know it better than anyone else. There are tons of internet forum “experts” that will try and tell you exactly what you need, but we believe each shooter knows themselves better than anyone else. So if a Universal Moon Clip Holder works for you then grab one.  After all, a holster by any other name is still a holster and we are confident that you will find the right holster and right accessories for you at DNA Tactical

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