Train Like You Fight with a Good Set of Ear Plugs

September 26 2018 / DNA TACTICAL INC

That might sound like an oxymoron to many as who has time to put in a set of ear plugs before engaging in a life or death struggle. It just so happens that that the author writing this to you now is a United States Marine veteran of Iraq who can personally testify that, no, you do indeed not have time to put in earplugs before a firefight. For that matter, you wouldn’t want to anyway. Shoot, move and communicate is a firefight mantra that’s a little hard to follow if you have your ears plugged. However, what I can also testify to is that surviving a firefight is a whole lot easier if your hearing is intact. If you plan to have reasonable hearing during a fight for your life then you better protect it while at the range training for such a day. Train like you intend to fight with good hearing because you plugged your ears when it didn’t matter.

A Firefight is a Rare Occurrence in Life

For all our readers from the Sangin Valley in Afghanistan I apologize as your odds of engaging in a firefight are substantially higher than the average Joe. However, for the average Joe one should take solace in the fact that a firefight is an extremely rare occurrence in life. That being said, only a fool would leave the fate of their own life and that of those they love to statistical odds. So we embrace our 2nd Amendment rights and we train like a firefight is as common as a trip the mailbox. Enter, DNA Tactical’s full line of ear plugs.

Take it from me, that you will send countless thousands of rounds down range in the name of preparation and peace for every single one you will ever send down range in anger. Guns are loud my friends of the pew and I think we know this all too well. Show me the soldier, Marine or military person who scoffs at ear plugs because “you think you’ll have time in a firefight” and I’ll show you a 40-year-old with hearing aids who’s never been in a firefight. The odds are not in your favor so, pretty please, put in a little hearing protection when you head to the range. Now let’s get to the good stuff.

Quality Hearing Starts Now

So now let’s talk about the full range of hearing protection available to you. Because whether it is a price point that’s friendly on the wallet or a quality product ready for multiple use there is absolutely no reason to pew pew pew without some form of ear protection in place. So let’s start with cheap multiple use and this Super Leight Uncorded Disposable Earplugs offering. With a quantity of 100 and a price to love, you could literally head to the range every 3 days with ear protection for the cost of a cheap box of ammunition. And yes, I mean cheap box of ammunition.

You can get your grubby little earwax all over them and toss them teach time you leave the range. However, let’s say you are a little more trash friendly and you want something with a little more longevity. If you want to go high-tech, and why not at this price, go for the EarShield Hearing Protection System.  This system not only allows you to muffle the deafening rounds heading down range, but it better allows you to hear other audio ranges like voices and commands. Adjustable and without any stock interference, it’s well worth the price for the outcome. In fact, if you want to go high-tech and enable comm devices then DNA Tactical has you covered there as well.

Please, pretty please, do not head to the range without ear protection. It is true that the day you will need your 2nd Amendment rights will occur at a moment in time and space where putting in ear protection seems like the last thing on your mind. Then again, why bother with ear protection in a firefight for your life when you’ve lost your hearing long ago from failing to heed this wisdom. Don’t forget to check out the full line products DNA Tactical offers to get you ready for the day most people dread. That’s USA made and pew approved. 

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