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A firearm is only as effective as the skill of the shooter.  Gear is only as good as you know how to use it.  But the same is true for your fists, elbows, knees and feet.  When it comes to self-defense, the options for protecting oneself are nearly limitless.  Still, every scenario must be judged circumstantially when it comes to the setting, the situation, the individual, and the items at hand.  The saying, "you can't bring a gun to a knife fight," is an analogy for a variety of potential self-defense situations.  Ultimately, it's more often than not that a person is unprepared or surprised when confronted with a situation that would require some degree of protection or self -defense.  When that happens, the best self-defense tools and tactics are the ones you have on hand when the moment strikes.

At DNA Tactical, we pride ourselves on carrying the most diverse selection of gear, tools and gadgetry available on the market to ensure the safety and preparation of our customers.  Among are product offerings are a range of target practice training material to help ensure consistency and precision when it comes to actually having to pull out a firearm to protect oneself, property, and family.  We also carry a diverse array of pepper spray and mace devices, that when properly deployed can produce a profoundly effective deterrent against an attacker.  So too can our lineup of handheld stun devices and accessories, that help not only stop an assailant in his tracks, but also provide a preventative peace of mind.

Training Material

As previously mentioned, a firearm is only as effective as the skill of the shooter.  You could have an arsenal worth of weaponry, but if you've never been trained on both the safety and effective utility when it comes to using them, you'll probably end up "praying and spraying" bullets, which can be incredibly dangerous.

While we recommend everyone seek outprofessional safety training before purchasing or discharging a firearm, DNA Tactical does stock five types of shooting targets to help firearm owners better prepare for when a true emergency situation strikes.  Each of these target sets are made by Tru-Glo and are beneficial for shooters of shotguns, handguns, rifles, and even crossbows.  These training targets are printed on heavy stock paper and feature peel and stick self-adhesive backing for attaching to a variety of backstops and surfaces.  The fluorescent green "halos" offer increased visibility from a variety of distances and give the Tru-See targets their distinctive glow.

Currently in-stock, DNA Tactical offers the Tru-Glo 100-yard splatter target, 5-Bullseye splatter target, 5-Diamond splatter target, Handgun splatter target, and Turkey splatter target, all of which are available in a 6, 12, or 50 pack quantity.  Each target design is intended for different purposes as a shooter, though all of them exist for the individual to hone both their accuracy and precision with the help of Tru-Glo's signature fluorescent green halo design.  The 100-yard target features a single bullseye design and is best for long-rifle shooting, but also good for distance shooters of all styles.  The 5-Diamond and 5-Bullseye help most with rapid fire handgun training, but are equally useful for a variety of firearm training at shorter ranges.  The Handgun splatter target is the only design that features a human silhouette and for that reason is the most optimal for self-defense training, whereas the Turkey target is most beneficial for training avid hunters and outdoorsmen.

While using firearm target training materials like those sold by DNA Tactical, it's important to keep in mind that solely practicing on targets does not guarantee you'll be completely prepared or accurate when the time comes to actually protect yourself or even go after game on a hunt.  However, failing to take the time to become properly trained or use tools like target trainers do put the average shooter at a disadvantage in a variety of shooting situations.

Pepper Sprays

Pepper spray is one of the most commonly carried self-defense devices, particularly among women.  However, regardless of your gender, size, or level of self-defense know-how, pepper spray remains a compact and efficient way to keep a certain peace of mind when walking around alone in case of an emergency situation against an assailant.  For that, DNA Tactical carries a variety of pepper spray products and accessories to fit the needs of the individual carrier.  For the sake of efficiency, we will give mention to three options in this article and invite you to check out our full lineup online.

One option is the Campus Safety Pepper Gel from Security Equipment.  The device is available in both pink and black and contains a 0.54 ounce canister of pepper gel.  It's compact nature and size alone with the use of gel instead of the commonly used aerosol make for an incredibly practical and impactful way of providing protection for the carrier while maintaining a safe distance from an assailant. The included key ring make the Campus Safety Pepper Gel, which also comes with a hard, plastic case and integrated safety lock, easily accessible when attracted to a set of keys, whether carried in one's hand, pocket, purse, or backpack.

Also from Security Equipment, DNA Tactical carries the Sabre Defense Spray Home Unit.  The Sabre is a 3-in-1 home unit that offers more of a punch via its heavy cone spray output.  The dispersion can travel up to 10 feet for maximum respiratory effect against an assailant.  The unit has a glow-in-the-dark safety and wall-mount clip so that it can be easily located in an emergency situation but also stored in a safe location and kept away from children and other unintended users.  The Sabre Defense Spray Home Unit contains red pepper, CS military tear gas and invisible UV dye for identification of the assailant even if he manages to get away from the confrontation.

From Mace Security International, DNA Tactical also carries the Warrior OC Pepper Gun Spray, one of the most accurate, non-lethal self defense pepper spray devices on the market.  The device is ideal for longer distances given its point-and-shoot handgun-style design and trajectory.  Its accurate from up to 20 feet away using its high-velocity power stream of OC pepper.  Though popular in a camouflage pattern, the Mace Pepper Gun is available in a variety of colors and made from a high-impact ABS construction with a matching holster.  One of the main benefits of this style of pepper gun is the ability to easily reload them with pre-filled replacement cartridges.  Additionally, the gun comes with a water cartridge for practicing discharging the device in anticipate of a real-world scenario. 

These are just a handful of options currently available at DNA Tactical, where we also offer a more diverse range of compact, home-sized, and point-and-shoot style pepper spray devices.

Stun Devices

Most of DNA Tactical's products under the stun devices category are accessories to support the C2 model taser, available in two tiers as a basic and gold kit.  The C2 is a handheld taser device designed to immobilize an assailant and create distance from up to 15-feet away.  The C2 is discreet, lightweight, and compact so that it easily fits inside a pocket, purse, backpack, or glove compartment.  The C2 uses a lithium-ion battery that's capable of discharging the device over 50 times on a single charge.  Though capable of discharging a stun cartridge up to 15-feet, the device can also be used as a close proximity stun-gun in the absence of a cartridge once discharged.  The basic includes the C2 device in black and one live cartridge, while the gold kit includes the device (available in six colors), one training cartridge, a practice target, two live cartridges, and a high-quality holster.

DNA Tactical also offers a variety of holsters, replacement cartridges, and practice cartridges to support the C2 taser.  These different holster exist to carry the C2 taser at various locations around one's belt or inside a pocket and some of them feature modular handles to position the taser as more of a point-and-shoot handgun aesthetic.

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