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First Spear Strandhögg Plate Carrier

by: Mil-Spec Monkey
As usual I am catching up with reviews, but as a plus to that is has given me more time to beat up on this here fine Strandhögg Plate Carrier. Even though First Spear has moved more towards their modular AAC system I think the Strandhögg is still definitely worth talking about. For starters, if one is unfamiliar with First Spear, this vest is a great example of their 6/12 design tech and The Tubes hardware.

Pitbull Tactical Bloodline Holsters

by: Mil-Spec Monkey
There is a lot of decent kydex out there so always nice to see a company keeping things fresh with new ideas like Pitbull Tactical. Their main product has been the Bloodline holster line in which the latest generation has some pretty sweet features. The general size and shape of the Bloodline is about what most would expect a modern kydex holster to be, however the hole placement and clips hardware offerings allow for not only height adjustment, but cant (angle) adjustment, and the ability to convert back and forth from OWB and IWB setups. (OWB = Outside the Waist Band and IWB = Inside the Waist Band)
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