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Dunamis Gear Cargo Hanger Pouches

by: Mil-Spec Monkey

Simple large capacity modular pouches are still a bit on the rare side these days so it was refreshing to see a whole line from Dunamis Gear. Although a small company, one can tell a lot of care goes into these pouches with attention to detail and use of quality materials. They take the end result quality very seriously by guaranteeing Duramis Gear products for life.

Starting with the Front Zip style pouches, they are log like in shape with a 2 slider zipper going down the front side, kind of like having a duffel bag as a pouch. 

Surefire EB1 Backup with Thyrm Switchback

by: Mil-Spec Monkey
I've been rocking my old SureFire E1B backup light as a part of my EDC (every day carry) loadout for quite some time, but while wanting to try out using the Thyrm Switchback with it I was sad to see this model was not supported. Since Surefire doesn't make the E1B anymore this made sense design wise on the Switchback and ended up as a good excuse to try out the EB1. (Yes the names are a bit confusingly similar)

Safariland ALS holsters

by: Mil-Spec Monkey
This is a review I should have done a while ago as I've been using ALS (Automatic Locking System) holsters for a while now. Safariland didn't actually send me anything so I didn't have the usual feeling of obligation to get something up in a timely manner, however I tend to always think better late than never. In summary when it comes to a full on combat / duty style holster, I think the ALS series is the best thing out there.

ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit Pouch Fatboy

by: Mil-Spec Monkey
There are a lot of medical pouches out there these days so always good to see some unique designs like this one. ITS Tactical has been around as a tactical resource site for a while now, and like us started to apply that knowledge to gear designs of their own. Collaborating with Zulu Nylon Gear, their kit is made in the USA and at the mil-spec standards expected of hard use tactical gear.

Phokus Research Group - Sons Trauma Kit

by: Mil-Spec Monkey
Phokus Research Group has been up to some crafty products for a while, one being their Sons Trauma Kit which offers an interesting alternative to traditional medical blow out kits. Rather than being a kit with a fancy pouch, the kit is shaped flat and slim sitting behind one's armor plate to make a great use of tactical space savings.

First Spear Strandhögg Plate Carrier

by: Mil-Spec Monkey
As usual I am catching up with reviews, but as a plus to that is has given me more time to beat up on this here fine Strandhögg Plate Carrier. Even though First Spear has moved more towards their modular AAC system I think the Strandhögg is still definitely worth talking about. For starters, if one is unfamiliar with First Spear, this vest is a great example of their 6/12 design tech and The Tubes hardware.

Pitbull Tactical Bloodline Holsters

by: Mil-Spec Monkey
There is a lot of decent kydex out there so always nice to see a company keeping things fresh with new ideas like Pitbull Tactical. Their main product has been the Bloodline holster line in which the latest generation has some pretty sweet features. The general size and shape of the Bloodline is about what most would expect a modern kydex holster to be, however the hole placement and clips hardware offerings allow for not only height adjustment, but cant (angle) adjustment, and the ability to convert back and forth from OWB and IWB setups. (OWB = Outside the Waist Band and IWB = Inside the Waist Band)
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