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Sometimes, and more often than not, it just really seems that the favorite pastime of mankind is strife. If one were to turn on any source of main-stream news right now, they would be inundated with images and news of dastardly events going on throughout the world. 


When planning to purchase a holster for your firearm, it is vitally important to purchase a holster which properly fits the required revolver or pistol, and will safely and securely retain the weapon during the type of activities envisioned while wearing it. Often times, people will shop for exactly that and essentially overlook a very key element…COMFORT. If comfort isn't taken into account, the wearer will be desiring a whole new holster within just a few weeks or even days. Buyer beware! Ignoring this element will lead to severe frustration (i.e. ‑ Holster Rage) and is entirely preventable from the beginning.


You just picked up a brand new Glock 17, and of course without hesitation, want to test out your new "Purchase", immediately heading to the shooting range where you meet up with a good friend of yours, who brings his Colt 1911. After a few shooting warm-up drills, you each decide to try out the other's firearm. The very first thing you notice is how different they feel from the other in your hand, due to the differences in grip angle. 

Be willing to do SOMETHING!

The other night, I was driving to a popular BBQ restaurant near the house, as I needed to pick up some food for the family. As I neared an intersection that led to the highway, I saw traffic building up and figured it would be quicker to take a side street. I turned right onto an unfamiliar road and about two (2) blocks down, I noticed a man lying on the sidewalk by a vacant store front. He didn't appear like a person that was just down on their luck, intoxicated, or homeless. Instead, he immediately reminded me of "Battlefield" casualties I had seen while on my previous deployments.


Many Anthropologists agree that three (3) of the most important and influential events in human history were, tool making, the invention of the wheel, and finally, the taming of fire. Of these, fire allowed our forbearers to illuminate the night, kept predators away, provided heat for comfort, and allowed them to cook food. It could be easily argued that fire is one of the cornerstones of civilization, culminating through thousands of generations in the ability to forge tools and by blending various metals, in creating stronger alloys. Fire (though seemingly archaic), is a vital part of modern life, whether applied to industrial plant(s), the boilers or incinerators in large buildings, or even the gas burning stoves in restaurants and homes, all require a flame.

Understanding Ammunition & Common Terms

Ammunition can seem overly complicated to the novice or even the semi-experienced shooter. There are a few terms and concepts that people should probably be familiar with before selecting or committing to ammunition. There are literally complete encyclopedia sets written on this topic, but for the sake of limited time and an ability to fit within a few pages, the DNA Tactical Team will attempt to break things down into simplified and manageable segments in order to classify different forms of ammunition and their optimized use.

Defining Different Muzzle Devices

One of the most common modifications and enhancements to firearms on the market today are muzzle devices. In general terms, a "Muzzle Device" is simply a CNC-machined product that gets added to the end of the barrel or muzzle of a firearm in order to accomplish a specific task and come in many variations. A few objectives these devices try to enhance and accommodate for are:

Single Stage and Two Stage Triggers

In recent years, rifles have become some of the most popular and sought-out firearms in America. Countless variations have been introduced, from fluctuations in manifolds to innovative modifications evolving elements in design and functionality to augment activities such as hunting, competition and self-defense. Unfortunately, the advances in technology and innovation integrated failed to evolve the traditional issues with stock triggers, demanding shooters to search for solutions.

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