Protecting Your Eyes on the Range is Plain Common Sense

March 22 2018 / DNA TACTICAL INC

There exists a school of thought in the gun community that you should always train like you intend to fight. While this is certainly solid advice from a tactical standpoint when it comes to muscle memory and accurate shooting, there is always some yahoo on the range who takes that mantra a little too far. You can always spot him as he fires without hearing protection or safety gear. When asked where his ear plugs are he replies back, “You think you’re going to have time to put earplugs in when the bad guys start shooting at you?” He then returns back to practicing his quick draw skills using various life scenarios before he inevitably winds up shooting himself in the thigh. Meanwhile, the pro is well prepared with hearing protection, solid marksmanship and safety eyewear. Why? Because protecting your eyes on the range is just common sense.

Go for the Eyes

A solid pair of safety glasses for shooting is far too often overlooked and the source of much regret should you be without them when you needed them most. The odds that the average individual will get into a real firefight are actually pretty low. The odds that the avid shooter will encounter a major weapons malfunction at some point in their lives is much higher. So don’t be the guy who says, “What, you think you’re gonna have time to put on your glasses in a firefight?”

The answer is obviously no, but hey if you got time why not collect yourself and throw them on anway. Should the day come where you actually do find yourself in a firefight, I’m pretty sure going to need a functioning set of eyes if you want to win. Having lost partial or total vision due to a major weapons malfunction on the range will serve you poorly in a firefight. All because you didn’t have a few bucks to spend on a basic set of eyewear like the 3M Tekk Shooting Glasses. These things are not expensive people but are worth their weight in gold should you really need them. Not to mention, you can actually rock a variety of styles.

Find the Style that Fits You

Just like any piece of shooting gear, the right gear is the one that suits you best. All the recommendations in the world mean nothing if you are not comfortable with them. The style and fit varies enough to where you should be able to find the right pair and some of the look the part of kick butt gunslinger. Just take the below set for example.

The Metaliks Plus Safety Glasses absorbs 99% of UV rays and are both anti-fog and anti-scratch. Not to mention the blackout style looks pretty darn menacing. Ladies who like to take to the range with style even have some great options ahead of them. These Women’s Tortoise Shell glasses serve all the function of protection one’s eyes on the range while you look good going pew at the same time.

However you personally like to pew pew pew and in what style like to do it, just don’t be the shooter who loses vision or suffers an eye injury because you were not prepared. Keep in mind if you take your little one to the range this is a must and we offer youth versions of glasses as well. It’s not just weapons malfunctions as hot brass flying around and debri getting kicked around stand to do a little damage as well. Eye protection is inexpensive and it shows you are trying to be a pro at this gun life. Take a look at the full collection of gear offered by DNA Tactical and you’ll be ready for the day most people dread should it ever come.  

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