The Right Holster for Everyday Carry? You are Your Own Expert

Somewhere in this freedom loving land of America is a passionate supporter of the 2nd Amendment who always wanted a gun around their ankle. For them it seemed functional, comfortable and the thought of dropping to your ankle and taking out the bad guy movie style was a dream come true. The only thing stopping this patriot from purchasing that ankle holster was some yahoo on an internet gun forum claiming to be an expert. Screaming about all their credentials and how that was the worst idea in the world deterred this would be happy owner of an ankle holster. After all, if someone on the internet says they are an expert it must be true. Here’s the truth my friends. When it comes to everyday carry you are your own expert. What’s the right holster for you? You likely already know.

The Value of Expert Gun Advice

Let’s not be mistaken here as there is tremendous value in listening to qualified experts as to the pros and cons of each gun, ammo and accessory you might choose. Yet, it really ought to inform your decision and not dictate it. When it comes to everyday carry, the fact of the matter is that the odds of you getting into a gunfight are remarkably low. So yes, there might be some versions of carry that offer a more tactical advantage at the ready. However, you have to remember you are walking down main street next to the Baskin Robbins and not Baghdad.

So in the end, it’s a matter of finding out what is comfortable for you. It’s a matter of deciding how you like to train and then finding the right tool and accessory to match. It’s about you knowing your gun and your gear better than anyone. So let’s take a look at a few options and start considering what appeals to you. Why not, we’ll start with the ankle holster.

Take the ankle glove holster above. If you love carrying the largest gun you can find because Dirty Harry is your hero it’s likely not going to do. What ankle holsters offer more than many is unprecedented concealment. No bulge, no fuss, just a gun in arm’s length you need it. This can become particularly important as many establishments from restaurants to workplaces are labeling themselves as “gun free” zones. Well, we are not telling you to disregard that but we are saying ankle holsters can provide some unique concealment so that you are never left unarmed. If that appeals to you, then we will remind you that you are your own expert. Let’s go a step further.

A Holster for Every Occasion

Women are one of the fasting growing demographics of concealed carry holders and unfortunately the market has not always taken them into account. So when some tactical expert is raving about how the waistband holster is the only way to go women are not having it. Women’s dress attire has many more variations than men and it often doesn’t include a sturdy waistband with a belt. Since dropping a loaded gun into a loose purse is just a terrible idea, in walks the holster handbag you see below.

Specifically designed for the carry of a gun with a little style, this handbag is ready to fit most compact semi-automatic pistols as well as small frame double action revolvers. Clearly this type of holster is not for everyone, but for those to whom this is the real deal this is the holster for you. Then of course you have the holsters that might seem inexplicable, but if it’s for you it’s for you. Take a look at the shoulder holster!


It might seem like something straight out of the movies, but there are gun owners who swear by them and they are not wrong. If it works for them to ensure they carry everyday so that they are ready when the one firefight of their life happens then so be it. Plus if you ever get to drawdown from a shoulder holster and gift violence to the bad guy threatening others, well, that’s just a bucket list item isn’t it. In fact, we’ll throw in the cowboy holster for good measure.

Of course, only you know what’s right for you. DNA Tactical understands this pew life is a lifestyle so live it well and as you please. For every time there is a season and for every gun lover there is the perfect holster for you. Don’t forget to check out our full array ofholsters below!

Everyday carry is about being there for your family, your fellow citizen and for yourself. There are a million different ways to do it and do it right. You should train often and be ready for the day others are not. Know your gear better than anyone else, but most importantly choose the gear, gun and ammo that’s right for you. The right holster for you is above and the choice will forever be yours. 

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