Essential Gear Components for Disaster Survival

For many preppers, gear is the name of the game when it comes to disaster survival.  That's part of why at DNA Tactical, we aim to stock the supply a wide variety of gear of the highest quality for any emergency situation.  You’re probably already familiar with the term "bug out bag" and you may already have one (or more) of your own.  Everyone has his or her own idea of what a bug out bag should look like, but there is no such thing as the perfect set up. 

Keep in mind that also, "bugging out" isn't always an option during a natural disaster, pandemic, or other emergency situation.  Quite often, sheltering in place can be the safer option and, sometimes, the only option.  The survival essentials that you’d want to have in a wilderness or on-the-road survival situation are the same items you’d want on hand at home when SHTF.  With that in mind, we’ll introduce you to some essential tools to keep in your home to give you a much better chance at surviving a disaster.

Whether hitting the road or sheltering in place in the event of a disaster, everyone needs a contingency plan in place to account for maintaining or procuring a basic supply of life's basic needs.  Among the basic needs to cover are:

  • Water procurement
  • Fire-making
  • Food & Cooking
  • First Aid
  • Communication
  • Security

Water procurement

Water is the single most important element you need to survive.  It’s a great idea to store large quantities of water in your home in case of emergencies, but keep in mind even bottled water has a shelf life and requires rotation.  When the pipes run dry and your stores run out, you’ll need a way to procure water on your own.  In a survival situation you should aim to drink at least 1-liter of water each day.  Keep in mind that you’ll not only need water for drinking, but for cooking, cleaning, and hygienic purposes as well.

DNA Tactical has several options in stock for water purification including capsule filters, water bottles with built-in filters, emergency water filtration "sticks," purification tablets, purifying drops, and even modular systems like the SOLKOA Survival Systems Module.

The SOLKOA Module allows you to tailor your emergency survival kit with high-quality, task-focused components.  The "Core Module" includes:

  • 30-gal compact water filter
  • 6 purification tabs
  • 24-in duct tape
  • 2 one-liter water bags
  • 1 two-liter water bag
  • Oral rehydration salts
  • Nylon stuff sack for storage

Essentially, the system provides the minimum components necessary for procuring, treating, and storing water during an unexpected night out or short duration emergency.  All of SOLKOA's products are tested under the harshest conditions in the most dangerous environments and are tactically designed to focus on function, durability, and flexibility.


As we all know, sometimes the biggest hit we take when disaster strikes is the loss of home.  From hurricanes to tornadoes and even social uprisings, structures are often the first thing to fall.  Often, the loss of the home and shelter causes a domino affect and is the reason people suffer and die during natural disasters and emergencies. 

Nothing beats a fortified, concrete, bunker-like shelter when disaster strikes.  That is, unless it becomes affected by flooding.  Still, having a contingency plan in place for sheltering is an essential part of a disaster survival plan and a crucial element of a survival kit.  While not ideal, tents, tarps, and mosquito nets can be life-saving shelter options during an emergency.  We stock a variety of emergency shelter options at DNA Tactical so you can choose what works best for you depending on what situation is most likely to affect you and your loved ones.

Take the UST (Ultimate Survival Technologies) Hex Tarp.  It's an all-weather coverage that can also serve as a ground cloth, thermal blanket, or tarp...though not all in one.  The entire tarp weighs in well under two pounds and compresses down into a 10 x 4 x 4 stuff sack for easy transport and storage in your bug out bag or emergency kit.  The kit includes the tarp itself, guylines, and steel steaks.  The Hex Tarp protects you from above against foul weather and the sun's damaging rays.  One side is aluminized for thermal insulation, which provides extra warmth whether used as a top coverage or ground cover.  The reverse side is a high-visibility orange to help aid in potential rescue operations.

First Aid

Unfortunately, a proper med-kit and first-aid supplies are the most overlooked pieces of survival gear.  Far too many individuals focus on the gear itself, guns, knives, tents, etc.  But when SHTF, whether is a natural disaster or social pandemic, proper medical treatment can be equally important as water.  In fact, the two go hand-in-hand.  The human body is capable of overcoming incredible feats without both food and shelter.  But having medicine and first-air can literally be the difference between life and death.

Hopefully you already have a sense of what should go into a basic survival first aid kit.  Things like gauze, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial ointment, bandages, and scissors are all basics that you should have on hand.  Some other essential first aid tools and instruments to consider include:

  • Tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • Suture kit
  • Razor blades
  • Tampons
  • Surgical tubing

We have large selection of full-service survival medical kits at DNA Tactical, all of which are designed to take the guesswork out of knowing exactly what you'll need in the event of an emergency.  While we have several "professional" kits available designed for trained emergency response teams, we also have more basic options for individuals and families.  One example is the EMI RESQ-Med™ Holster Set, a compact, ultimate response kit with essential rescue equipment and critical medical supplies.  The contents of this holster set have the ability to handle extrication, bleeding, CPR and many other critical on-the-scene emergency situations.

Among the other contents of the RESQ-Med™ set are:

  • RESQ-Med™ Holster
  • 4 Latex Gloves
  • Thermal Rescue Blanket
  • CPR Lifeshield
  • Instant Ice Pack (4"x 5")
  • Burn/Blood Stopper Bandage
  • 1-3" Sterile Conforming Bandage
  • 3-3"x 3" Sterile Pads
  • Tourniquet
  • Life-Float II (Floating Seatbelt Cutter)
  • Window Punch
  • Starlite Waterproof Flashlight
  • Deluxe EMS Shears
  • Bandage Scissor- 5 ½"

The specially designed, over-sized holster includes a front pocket for gloves, a water repellent main compartment, and several instrument compartments.  It's made of 1000 denier-nylon with a quick release Velcro-type belt loop that fits belts up to 2.25-inches wide.  The holster itself measures 8.5 x 5 x 2.75 inches, so its super compact, stowable, and easily integrated with the rest of your emergency supplies.

This article is not meant to be all-inclusive.  These are just three categories out of nine and three example products out of dozens of options available here at DNA Tactical.  Among our other categories for necessary survival gear are food kits, health and hygiene supplies, cooking gear, survival knives, breaching tools, and signaling tools.

One must keep in mind that when preparing for a survival situation, there's no such thing as being "too prepared."  In fact, it may not matter how much gear you've stockpiled or what survival skills you possess, mother nature can strip all of that away in an instant and leave you completely alone to fend for yourself.  Gear will never be your saving grace, but it can serve as a lifeline when the going gets rough and in a "best case scenario" during an emergency, the right tools and equipment could very well save your life.  Choose wisely.

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