Waistband v. Shoulder v. Ankle: The Great Holster Debate

Before you get to excited in thinking that are going to settle the great holster debate once and for all time, we should probably tell that we here at DNA Tactical do not believe in telling you what’s best for you. Rather, we believe in educating the American shooter and letting the informed lover of 2A liberty decide for themselves. After all, it will be your life and the lives of those you love on the line when you need it most. The truth of the matter is that the best gear is the gear you know and trust. It is the gear designed for the job at hand and not the opinions of some “expert” on an internet forum. So let’s jump right into waistband v. shoulder v. ankle, the great holster debate.

The Classic Waistband Holster

Perhaps the most common method of concealed carry, the waistband holster has been the go to tool since the days of the wild west. Images of two men squaring off as one performs the quickdraw are engrained into the psyche of the American shooter.  Famed gunfighter Wyatt Earp famously said, “The most important lesson I learned from those proficient gunfighters was the winner of a gunplay usually was the man who took his time. When I say that I learned to take my time in a gunfight, I do not wish to be misunderstood, for the time to be taken was only that split fraction of a second that means the difference between deadly accuracy with a sixgun and a miss.”

What we can take from this famed gunfighter was that the winner was often the man who took a serious nature to his shooting and his gear over flash and pizazz. If you are carrying around the waist one ought to have no other purpose than to be ready when you need it most. The Royal Guard Inside the Pant Holster is an example of a quality product that gets the job done. Certainly, it’s classic leather look and feel has the style and comfort one desires but it is prized for its function. If you seek to have the gun where you can most quickly put it into action then you might want to consider the merits of a waistband holster of which there are many varieties from which to choose.

The Misperceived Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters have often gotten a bad wrap from gun enthusiasts for their obvious shortcomings. Then again, this is your life and your gun so long as you do it right this could be the choice for you. Shoulder holsters force a shooter to draw across their body meaning at some point the gun is likely pointed to either side and not at its target. Plus, shoulder holsters are an acquired taste with regards to comfort. Pick the wrong one and it can feel like you are carrying your weapon in a less than comfortable thong. However, when you find the one that fits with the right gun then a shoulder holster can be your go to choice for carry.

Shoulder holsters can work particularly well when you are carrying a long and heavy gun. So if you fancy yourself the Dirty Harry to put a long revolver up to a dastardly bad guy’s face to task him if “he feels lucky” then you are going to enjoy the shoulder carry. They are made in many varieties and come with that classic leather look. Rigs like this Jackass Rig Shoulder System even come with an ammo pouch for your magazines. We are not being crass, that’s just the name of the gear. So if this sounds good to you, then don’t let anyone talk you out of it. It’s your gun and your gun deserves your gear.

The Sneaky Ankle Carry

When you simply must conceal a compact weapon, there are few better choices than the sneaky ankle carry. Just remember to wear pants and not shorts. The ankle carry offers the ability to place a weapon where most are not expecting it due to the popularity of the waist carry. Designs like the Ankle Glove provide exceptional comfort while maintaining the concealment you want for a variety of settings.

Ankle Carry holsters not only provide concealment, but they are a great option for a secondary carry. This would allow you to scratch off your bucket list that scene where you drop your primary weapon with your hands in the air then roll to your back for perfectly placed shot from your ankle to the bad guy’s forehead. We actually don’t recommend you do that, but if you pull it off in real life please let us know. In all reality it does give you a second option when you are perhaps unable to engage your primary weapon.

So there you have, a quick break down of the various carry options as we tackle the great holster debate. In the end it will be up to you to understand the mission and select the right tool for the job. Don’t forget to check the rest of our gear that helps you pew pew pew at DNA Tactical.

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