A Guide to Handgun Holsters

May 15 2018 / DNA TACTICAL INC

Though it may look "cool" when you see the detective character do it in the movies, it's never been a practical approach to keep a handgun concealed by tucking it into one's waistband.  Hence why since the dawn of the invention of the first handguns ever produced, there have been holsters designed specifically to both carry them conveniently and conceal them from plain sight.

There's a holster for nearly every handgun and they're all designed for different positioning and accessibility.  Uniformed police officers, for instance, will typically have a belt holster so their weapon is conveniently accessible at their waist alongside all the rest of the gear they carry.  Alternatively, a plain-clothes street detective is more likely to opt for a shoulder holster that can carry both his/her weapon and extra clips, depending on the design. 

In addition to the classic and easily recognized belt and shoulder holsters, there are also holsters specifically designed for concealment, which is prioritized over accessibility.  Women specifically may prefer to carry a holster bag, one that looks just like a modern handbag or purse, to keep their weapon of choice concealed and hiding in plain sight.  Other options include pocket holsters for smaller handguns that can fit within the confines of the back pocket of one's pants or inside pocket of a sport jacket or coat.

Whatever the preferred method of carry, there's a holster for it, and DNA Tactical are an online specialist in all things holsters and proud to carry a wide selection of handgun holsters, mag pouches and gear holders to ensure that gun carriers of all varieties have access to exactly what they need, when they need it.  Keep in mind, different states, localities, and countries have different laws when it comes to carrying concealed weapons and these laws should always be considered when shopping for holsters and other tactical gear.

Shoulder Holsters

Among the most popular and diverse range of holsters produced are shoulder holsters.  These over-the-shoulder, harness-style holsters have been around nearly forever.  They've been featured in variety of television shows and Hollywood movies over the years, especially the rough and tumble cop features popular from the 1970s to 90s in particular.  Though some shoulder holster designs allow the wearer to carry two pistols, one beneath each arm, most of them are designed to carry a single weapon on one side and additional magazines on the opposite side.  Shoulder holsters are a combination of both concealment and accessibility, as they are designed to fit beneath any loose fitting shirt or jacket while still being easy to reach and draw the firearm within.  They're typically the most comfortable and least noticeable of holster styles and feel like wearing a lightweight backpack.  DNA Tactical carries a variety of shoulder holsters at a variety of price points, though non exceed the $200 range. 

The Miami Classic Shoulder System by Galco is a descendent of the original Galco holster rig from the1970s, hence its popularity in TV and movies.  It features a spider-style harness with Galco's trademark Flexalon swivel back plate, resulting in a perfect fit and comfort for any body size and shape.  The Miami Classic is made of premium saddle leather, made from the same materials once used by the Jackass Leather Company.  The harness contains a right-handed holster, an ammo pouch for two additional magazines, and a set of system screws to make the entire rig customized and modular for add on accessories (sold separately).  DNA Tactical also carries Galco's updated version of the Miami Classic System, made to orient the firearm at a more horizontal angle and with slightly wider straps for a better distribution of weight.

Among the other options offered for shoulder harnesses are the Galco Kodiak Holster.  This holster is designed to carry a single, larger-sized hunting handgun conveniently accessible without sacrificing comfort.  Its meant specifically for revolvers and features slots on the outer part of the holster for five additional rounds of ammunition.  Like the Galco Executive Shoulder Holster, the Kodiak makes use of a single padded shoulder strap in conjunction with a torso strap that can be adjusted throughout the day depending on the work at hand, without interfering with the normal range of motion.  No screws or tools are needed to make adjustments with this holster and it comes completely assembled as is.

Pocket Holsters

Pocket-style handgun holsters are designed for smaller, more compact pistols such as the Sig Sauer P238, P938, P290 models.  They allow the user to fit their gun directly inside a back pant or inside jacket pocket and keep it positioned upright for easy access and drawing.  The most convenient aspect of a pocket holster and the reason most opt for their use is the ability to appear completely discreet and casual despite packing heat.  Compared to the likes of some shoulder holsters, pocket holsters are designed to minimize and bulge or recognition to the outside eye completely.  Additionally, if a person utilizing a pocket carry is in a position of having to face an attacker, like a mugger, it's easy to make it seem like they're reaching for their wallet when in fact they're reaching for their own means of offense.

At DNA Tactical, we carry the Sig Sauer SigTac Concealment Holster made of black leather and designed with a hinged pocket guard.  We also stock the Galco Front Pocket Horsehide Holster, a holster limited to handguns small enough to fit into the user's front pants pocket but advantageous in that the gun remains completely concealed and covered.  Shooters who want the fastest draw possible when otherwise unsuspecting of a threat will appreciate this holster for its relative ease of quickly locating the gun's grip when the need to draw arises.  The holster completely conceals the shape of the gun so that its outline doesn't show through the pants or jacket of the wearer and its horsehide design allows for a smooth release of the gun while the holster itself is snuggly retained within the pocket.  In addition to the Horsehide Holster in its natural finish color, DNA Tactical carries the Galco traditional black leather Pocket Protector Holster, made of center-cut steerhide.

Holster Bags

Holster bags are a more recent offering in the world of firearm carry and concealment.  They come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, but most of them closely resemble a woman's handbag or purse.  Still, there are also a handful of decent laptop bag, briefcase-style, and notebook planner-style options to meet the demands of a variety of lifestyles and concealment reasons.  At DNA Tactical, we carry a variety of hostler bags to match these circumstances, styles, and ever-present need to access one's weapon quickly and effectively.

One of our top-of-the-line offerings is the Galco Del Holster Handbag, which can accommodate virtually any modern handgun.  It's crafted from full-grain, glove-tanned leather and comes in tan with brass hardware and black or chocolate brown with nickel hardware.  It has the necessary components of an everyday handbag, like a lined main compartment with a pocket for cell phone, glasses, and other accessories in addition to a zippered pocket for smaller items.  The Del Holster Handbag features a self-contained side-entry holster compartment thats both inconspicuous and safe for everyday carry.  Other more affordable options not dissimilar to the Del Handbag include the Meridian and the Bebe models, also by Galco, which are designed to sync with a variety of styles and on-the-go lifestyles while still providing convenient and fully-concealed access to one's handgun of choice.

Regardless of the preferred style, handgun holsters are crucial for everyday carriers and help to protect the firearm, prevent discharge, provide quick access, and deter the risk of theft or loss of the weapon.  We at DNA Tactical fully realize that a handgun is only as good as one's ability to both carry and use it effectively, which is why we provide a diverse range of holsters to meet a variety of lifestyles and professions.

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