Emergency / Disaster

As we watch how the world is changing, it seems that disasters are around every corner and are invading ever more safe parts of the world. Now more than ever, having the tools and knowledge to survive various emergencies provides invaluable peace of mind. DNA Tactical has accumulated, from their years of experience in the business of survival, a group of emergency and disaster supplies and tools to cover any need. Whether you need food that can be stockpiled or to purify water or build a shelter, DNA Tactical has the necessary tools to make sure that you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the event of an emergency.

Emergency / Disaster Questions & Answers

Should I prepare for a specific disaster or emergencies in general?

Yes and yes! If you live in Los Angeles and are unprepared for an earthquake that is just poor planning. Anyone living near New Orleans who is not prepared to float better get ready. Mother nature has its favorite parts of the planet to play its cruelest tricks and there is no stopping her. One would be wise to find her favorite spots and if you are in the middle of it then get specifically ready.

However, disaster preparedness in general is also a smart plan as many emergencies are man made and can happen anywhere. One doesn’t need to have an underground bunker to be ready. Just walking yourself through your basic survival needs can reveal whether you are prepared on a basic level. If you are thirsty, can you get safe water? If you are hungry, will you be able to eat? If you need shelter from the elements do you have a place to go? If someone is shooting at you do you have the ability to shoot back? All these questions and more can be answered with a solid “Yes” using the products we’ve put out here on DNA tactical. If you answered “No” to any of those questions it is time to get shopping.

Do I really need a water purification kit when bottled water is so cheap?

If you preference the one life you have been given to live carries on then yes. Water is one of the most basic elements for survival and yet the need to prepare for scavenging your own water is remarkably overlooked by many. It is indeed not a bad idea to have thousands of rounds of ammunition. However, unless someone has the ability to turn bullets to water then you are toast.

Water purification kits cost the same or less as your average box of ammunition. Making yourself sick during a survival situation is a lethal mistake. So whether you go on long hunts and hikes or plan to bug out through the city streets, a water purification kit is common sense life saving preparedness for dirt cheap.

Which breaching kit is best for me?

It’s really a question of how big is your budget? That’s not a sales tactic, just pointing out that if you have the coin to spend then why be unprepared for any scenario? There is no worse feeling than being trapped staring at a door full of screws when you only brought a hammer. Then again, not everyone has the money to purchase a full LEO approved heavy breaching kit. So the best breaching kit is always the one you can actually afford.

There are a variety of options for every situation and budget. Do you plan to have this breaching kit on your person? If so, there are some smaller mini kits available to you. If you think you will have the ability to store in a vehicle or home then you can upsize. However, don’t forget the basics. Breaching is indeed about making entry, but it is also about making exits when you need it. If the kit or tool you choose lacks the ability to cut then be sure you have a blade somewhere on your person. You can’t battering ram a seatbelt off someone in a sinking care. Examine your budget to see how many perks you can afford and be as prepared as you budget will allow to get in and out in a hurry.

What’s the difference between emergency preparedness and camping?

For most people, camping has an end date. They take a week off work and they plan to be back in the office on Monday. Preparedness has no official start or end date. Nor does it allow you to plan the agenda. It is about being ready when others are not. That’s why the shelter we sell here don’t include the 10 man family tent with a kids playroom attached. This is about have the tools you need to survive that you can carry on your body. The food is meant to last without expiration or a trip to gas station to refill the cooler with ice.

Camping can be fun, but so is living when other people are not. That being said, you can imagine a camping trip where you needed just the basics to survive. On your next camping trip with the family, ask yourself “what would I do if I didn’t have…” There are a great deal of serious preppers who know their stuff and we salute. However, we also want to call the average suburban dad to action and realize he too can be prepared on a basic level.

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