Shoulder Holsters

Complete shoulder holsters tend to go in and out of fashion in the concealed carry community. Some of that may have been because of their ubiquity on television cop shows from a certain era. That said, I use a shoulder rig for my daily carry. I can carry my pistol and two extra magazines (that means that I have 40 rounds of .40 ACP) in both deep cover and yet still being swiftly accessible. Any vest or light jacket or even loose Hawaiian shirt is more than enough to cover the weapon, extra magazines and the entire shoulder harness. Another wonderful characteristic of the shoulder holster is that it is completely comfortable. Certainly every holster strives for all day comfort, but, in this writer's experience, only a shoulder rig truly delivers.

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Classic Lite Shoulder System

Item #: CL
Value: $104.95 Save: $24.99

Kodiak Hunter Shoulder Holster

Item #: KH
Value: $204.95 Save: $40.99

Kodiak Shoulder Holster

Item #: KK

Miami Classic II Shoulder System

Item #: MCII
Value: $214.95 Save: $42.99

Miami Classic Shoulder System

Item #: MC
Value: $219.95 Save: $47.99

VHS Holster Component

Item #: V458

VHS Shoulder System

Item #: VHS
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