Protecting Your Eyes in all Situations

I want to tell you a story about eyewear. It's a simple story that could have happened to any one of us (and, the more often I tell this story, the more often I have people reach out to me saying that they experienced the same or a similar set of circumstances.) But first a little background about me, so that you know that I am not just a foolish Johnny-come-lately who was ignoring some of the most basic safety rules that experienced people follow as a matter of course. I have grown up around guns ‑ long, short, hand, scatter and even black powder. I have hunted and put holes in paper since I was a boy ‑ as did my family and friends. I cleaned and maintained firearms and made modifications to various guns to make sure that they performed the various tasks that we needed them to. I learned the very basics of gunsmithing to further my knowledge of the incredibly powerful tools that made up my hobby and, later in my life, my profession.

So, onto my story, which is really more of a call to action for experienced shooters and neophytes alike than much of a narrative. I was at the outdoor range one day with some friends. It was a typical day at the range ‑ we all are involved in the profession of arms to one degree or another ‑ and we were running through different drills and competing with one another for speed and accuracy. After we had put enough holes in paper, we decided to shoot a little steel. Anyone who has shot at steel targets knows the satisfaction of hearing them ring and seeing them fall. Well…I was so enthusiastic that when I returned from loading my magazines, I left my glasses on the bench. You know where this is going now, don't you? A piece of a steel target broke off and lodged in my right eye.

Since that time, in addition to my passion for shooting, I have developed a passion for all forms of self-defense and self-preservation and DNA Tactical has become a major source of equipment, advice and guidance for me. Like many people reading this blog, I had once thought of self-defense exclusively as a way to fend off violent attacks. After my injury, I was looking for sights for my guns (my vision was weak for a while), and a friend and colleague recommend DNA Tactical because of the depth of knowledge and product experience they have which leads to the expert advice they offer. I was impressed both by how much equipment they offered and how comprehensive their knowledge base was.

I decided, after nearly blinding myself in one eye due to nothing but carelessness, that I would protect and care for my eyes at all times. Before my accident, I had never even worn sunglasses. I subsequently learned from a combination of a stern ophthalmologist and the experts at DNA Tactical that covering my eyes not only protected them from harmful sunlight, it also kept dust and debris away from my eyes. High quality glasses protect my eyes both on the inside (from light and radiation) and on the outside (from any object that otherwise could make contact with the incredibly delicate and sensitive outer eye). They make me able to see clearly in high and low lights as well. Remember my passion for self-defense and preservation? BOTH are covered by having my eyes protected: my eyes are physically safe from damage (preservation) and they are more able to see and defend against violent threats (defense), so that I can keep my loved ones safe and continue to do my job at the highest level.

No matter your work or your hobbies, I urge you to go to DNA Tactical and browse their selection. Ask questions of their experts and see how much you have to learn about protecting yourself in all conditions from all possible dangers. I was lucky; my eye healed and I am able to live my life as I love to. Please don't wait and hope that you will be lucky. Be proactive and protect yourself so that you can protect others. And let DNA Tactical help you.

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