The right holster is as important as the right gun

April 25 2017 / DNA TACTICAL INC

How much time do we spend researching a firearm that we want? Does endless sound about right? We read magazine articles. We read online and print reviews and comparison tests. We go on countless gun forums where "experts" will praise or revile the same weapon countless times. We talk to friends and strangers about their experiences with the gun. We go to (and call) multiple gun shops to talk about the gun and if customers have reported liking it and what the people behind the counter think. We scour the web for prices of said gun and the best ammo and accessories for it. We look into its resale value and how willing gun store owners are to take it in trade. And only then, almost as an afterthought, might it occur to us to ask "And, oh by the way, do you have a holster that fits it?" To many of us, this is all too matter how much experience we have, it is so easy to overlook the holster.

Our friends at DNA Tactical have us covered. They know how vital a holster is to the person carrying a sidearm and to those people whom we have sworn to protect (either as our profession or as the way we choose to live our lives as responsibly armed Americans). We spend time considering various factors about the possible pistol or revolver that we will be carrying every day. We think about caliber and frame size, and about polymer vs metal, and trigger weight and safety features. We consider the size and weight of the gun and how it will be to carry, and how bulky the gun is, and what are the grip size and capacity. We think about the sights. Some of us think about the aesthetics of the weapon. We ask ourselves where we will be carrying it and how deep our level of concealment needs to be, and as by extension what clothing we wear while carrying and what type of weapon will best fit within those restrictions. We think about so many things…and so much of what we think about is related intimately to the holster. In fact, many of the above questions are more about the holster than the weapon itself!

The best weapon in the world is useless if it sits at home in a gun safe ‑ the only weapon that we can use is that which we carry! This is where DNA Tactical and its years of experience enter the picture. They have scoured the almost limitless offerings from the industry and have compiled only the best American made and field tested holsters to fit a wide range of popular handguns. If we cannot find a way to comfortably carry, draw and re-holster our weapon, we tend to not carry. It is the holster that gets the firearm out of the safe and on our hip, shoulder or ankle or in our pocket, bag or purse. In much the same way that we often focus on the engine of our car when it is the tires that make contact with the road, it is our holster that connects our weapon (arguably the principal tool that we have at our disposal to make sense of a mad world) to our bodies.

DNA Tactical facilitates the legal carrying of firearms by responsibly armed Americans by offering a wide range of holsters as well as the technical knowledge to support those who take it in their hands to support and defend others. Do not leave your weapon at home in your safe. Reach out to the experts at DNA Tactical to learn what is the right method for you to carry your firearm, and then carry it everyday.

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