Always have the correct tool for the survival situation at hand

There are so many factors that are involved when we think and talk and read about "survival". We may think about being in the wilderness, or we may think about the jobs that some of us have in the world where use-of-force is regular and necessary, or we may think about civil unrest (a reality that is, sadly, growing more common in our country recently). And for each of these, there are various tasks and tools that come to mind as well ‑ everything from purifying water to binding a wound to defending against an attacker to staying warm and dry. What we all agree on is that surviving is serious business where the stakes couldn't be any higher and the price of failure couldn't be more severe.

The professionals at DNA Tactical have the experience in the field and with the equipment to offer only the best gear and advice in the industry. No matter if you need something as ubiquitous as para cord or something as specific as breaching tools, DNA Tactical has you covered. Self-defense and survival are different animals. Self-defense usually finds us in our daily routines and environments where we are forced to deal with a radical departure from our day to day routine and habits. If  we have to confront a violent or health-threatening situation or person, we need the proper training and tools that we can carry every day, and make use of when we need to. These tools (firearm, knife, flashlight, med kit etc) need to be compact and often need to be surreptitious as well. Our everyday carry gear must be able to be applied to all the various situations that we might encounter in a day, from dropping our keys in a vent at work to having to defend against an attacker in an alley. Self-defense encompasses many possibilities and its equipment must do the same. Survival is more extreme.

A survival situation is one in which we are out of our daily schedule and locations. Where the tools we need do not have to be carried daily and in some degree of concealment. Survival happens in a harsh environment and involves even harsher choices. Survival is often planned, where self-defense never is. Generally, when we are in survival situations, either we have decided to enter them specifically or we have at least entered knowing and accepting the possibility of such. Survival is the choice of the survivor, so the tools that accompany that choice are more specifically designed for unapologetic duty. Just think about what you picture when you think of an EDC knife versus a survival knife. Clearly, these two tools are similar (edged and durable with a grip that fits the hand well), and yet they couldn't be more different as well ‑ where one is often small and light and fit for many different tasks, the other is often large and rugged and designed for various wilderness environments (the mall during the holidays ‑ though awful ‑ is not one of them).

No matter what environment you want to take on and what challenges you want to face, DNA Tactical is the place to start building both your list of tools and your base of knowledge. The most severe places and the most daunting tasks can be managed if we educate ourselves and are well prepared. Of course, some of the challenges to be faced that will require more than just our training and our equipment ‑ our will and our intensity and our desire to survive and even thrive in the face of adversity and struggle are still our most important tools. Beyond what we carry in our hands or fill our heads with, it is ultimately our hearts that will allow us to conquer the harsh realities of nature and the cruelties and dangers of the animals (both four- and two-legged) who challenge our survival. And for all of your kitting up, let DNA Tactical supply you with the rest.

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