Breaching tools

There are certain situations when we are faced with the choice between being locked outside of a structure which contains an emergency we could ameliorate, or forcing our way in so that we may bring help to those who need it. This is where breaching tools come in - not just as a handy accessory, but as a life-saving necessity. No matter the structure, there is a point of access that is weak enough to be exploited by a motivated individual with the proper tools. You supply the motivation, and DNA Tactical will supply the tools
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Dynamic Entry Breacher

Item #: BLK-DE-TB

Dynamic Entry Twin Turbo

Item #: BLK-DE-TT


Item #: BLK-DE-BR
Value: $269.95 Save: $73.43

Ding Dong Breaching Tool

Item #: 30-000790
Value: $396.00 Save: $52.00

Dynamic Entry Breaching Sledge

Item #: BLK-DE-BS

Dynamic Entry CQB Ram

Item #: BLK-DE-CQB

Dynamic Entry Dynamic Duo Kit

Item #: BLK-DE-DD

Dynamic Entry Entry Kit

Item #: BLK-DE-EK
Value: $557.95 Save: $151.80

Dynamic Entry Gorilla Bar

Item #: BLK-DE-GB

Dynamic Entry Hallagan Tool

Item #: BLK-DE
Value: $249.95 Save: $67.99

Dynamic Entry Manual Entry Tool Pack

Item #: BLK-60ME00BK

Dynamic Entry Mini Breacher

Item #: BLK-DE-MB

Dynamic Entry Mini Tool Kit

Item #: BLK-DE-MTK
Value: $499.95 Save: $136.02

Dynamic Entry Modular Backpack

Item #: BLK-DE-MBP

Dynamic Entry Small Pry

Item #: BLK-15DE00BK
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