Choosing the Right Holders for Your Gear

May 05 2017 / DNA TACTICAL INC

I had spent my whole life shooting and hunting and camping and backpacking. I shot for fun on the range and in wilderness in northern New England. I hunted small game with rifle and shotgun and big game with revolvers. I never really liked camping (parking my car or motorcycle at a campsite and pitching a tent there and walking in the woods), but I loved to backpack (walking into the trails with a bag on my back and carrying my tent and walking to where I would sleep and then wake up and walk again and repeat until I ran out of food). In all that time, I learned nothing about holders. In fact, I often mocked good gear. I assumed that it was only a scam to get people to spend money on things that looked like military gear that was no better than the cheap stuff that I used.

Then I discovered DNA Tactical. Here was a website that had all the combined knowledge that I had been looking for for years. Every now and again, I had stumbled across someone or some shop that knew a lot about the gear and the hobbies that my gear supported. But now I have found a place that not only has the information I need to learn, but also carries the very equipment that I need to have with me to support my way of life. What I learned was that despite my years of an active outdoor and a concealed carry lifestyle, I was sorely lacking knowledge about holders. In fact, I never really knew what a "holder" was, and I certainly didn't know the benefits of a good one.

It is somewhat embarrassing to admit that even with a lifetime of hunting, shooting and backpacking, I had learned so little about gear. I had learned a little about guns (so many guys like me like to think we know tons about weapons, and we look down on all other kinds of gear as superfluous), but I had learned nothing about the holders that I used to carry my guns, my ammo and the sundry other items that I carried every day to keep myself and those whom I love safe from harm.

For example, in my daily concealed carry life, there are two weapons that I routinely carry ‑ one on my hip and one in a shoulder holster ‑ I decide which firearm I will carry depending on the weather-dictated clothing that I am wearing that day. One is a .357 magnum with a 6 round cylinder. I wear this in an OWB belt slide holster and find it comfortable to carry and I certainly am grateful for its stopping power, but I have always been concerned with its limited capacity. I knew of speedloaders, but I didn't want to carry one in my pocket; it was while doing research on DNA Tactical that I found a belt speedloader carrier. It is made of premium leather and it fits the speedloader that I also purchased from DNA Tactical. Another example involves my second carry gun: a full sized 9 mm with a 17+1 capacity. Since I carry this in a shoulder holster that presents the weapon vertically under my left arm, I knew that I could carry additional magazines on my right hip, but I didn't want to have something on my hip if I was using a shoulder holster, and I didn't know that I could attach magazine holders on the right side of my shoulder rig…yet DNA Tactical again taught me about how valuable a good holder can be and the experts who work there taught me how to choose the right gear to go with my current equipment and for my lifestyle.

The more time I spent on their website, the more I realized that I had only scratched the surface of the amount and type of holders that DNA Tactical offers. I cannot recommend highly enough DNA Tactical and their knowledgeable staff and the truly excellent products that they test and offer to the public.

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