DNA Tactical is an online specialist in Firearm Holsters and proud to offer the largest selection of gun holsters, mag pouches and gear holders that can help ensure you always have exactly what you need, and when you need it. Holsters are specific holders for carrying a handgun (Pistol or Revolver), typically made of durable materials such as leather, kydex, nylon and in some cases even carbon fiber; traditionally worn on a belt, shoulder, ankle, thigh, chest or even a pocket.

With so many advancements in technology in the past decade, functionality, modularity, innovation, ingenuity, design, comfort and practicality have been the primary focus for top holsters manufacturers.

With so many options and so many ways to search for tactical pouches, equipment holders and gun holsters online, it is very difficult to always find exactly what you want, need or require at an affordable price and from a reliable manufacturer. DNA Tactical is your #1 online retailer for lead manufacturers such as Galco Gunleather, Blade-Tech, Fobus, Safariland (Bianchi), Pitbull Tactical, Del-Tac Concepts and so many more high quality brands and best sellers. We distribute a vast variety of holsters, holders, pouches, bags, packs and even purses that will cater to everyday carry, duty & professionals in the field, tactical operations, outdoor activities, universal fitment & attachment and even offer custom design options.

Not sure where to start? Don't know what you really require or how to even consider the correct carry holster or position? We make it our mission to provide tools such as our Holster & Holder Identifier which will help you identify the exact end-use application you're searching for. We also recommend you browse our how-to guides, (add Selecting a Holster "how to" link here), which can help take out the guess work when purchasing holsters online. Please continue to follow our ever growing list of media sources that can help answer all your questions, and make you feel confident you are choosing the right product.

Still have more questions? Please contact us where our team of friendly experts will be happy to walk you through additional steps and help you secure the correct setup.

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Holders Questions & Answers

How can I guarantee the holder I choose will meet my needs when it matters most?

Well, apart from throwing yourself into survival situations in order to test your gear we suggest you think it through using personal style and function as a guide. The gear that works best for you is the gear with which you are most comfortable. Just like with a gun itself, ask yourself what is the mission? If it is to drop deer at 400 yards away then perhaps a .38 special is not your choice. If it is for personal self defense perhaps a wadcutter plinking round would serve you better elsewhere.

Ask yourself, what is it that you want this particular holder to accomplish? Is it discretion where carrying pepper spray is good advice but not always welcome? Is it capacity because you plan to prepared for a big fight in a big way? Only after understanding the job can you truly select the right tool.

Finally, you have to find the set up that matches your own personal fighting style. The internet is full of “experts” who will tell you what you need. In the end, it is your life on the line and you have to train like you plan to fight. Going against your own good judgement as a result of the advice of an internet “expert” is often a recipe for disaster. The right holder for you is the one you feel most comfortable with and have trained with most when it matters most.

What are the advantages of adding a medkit and is it compatible with my current gear?

DNA Tactical has long been in the business of helping customers prepare for tactical scenarios. It’s always been good advice to assume that if you are going to be shooting at someone that they might be shooting back. Carrying a medkit is common sense preparedness and it’s benefits extend far beyond the gunfight. An everyday scenario where first aid would be necessary is a common occurrence. One doesn’t need to be decked out in their best tactical gear to be ready for it. Keeping a medkit in your vehicle, place of work or ruck is a smart move. If you decide to do so you’ll be happy to know that nearly every holder or kit we sell is fully compatible with Molle and 5.11 Slickstick web platforms.

Why should I choose a leather ammo or mag holder when newer technology exists?

No one ever said you had to give up style to be ready for a gunfight! Yes there are plenty of newer mesh and plastics that perform well and we sell those too. Leather, on the other hand, has stood the test of time. It is a durable material that holds up well under the rigors of everyday use. It has served the American shooter well throughout the life of this country and it will serve you well today. Leather brings with it the ability to be prepared and look good while doing it. It does require a little bit of maintenance but it’s an American classic for the American shooter.

Should I choose a pepper spray or stun tool for my non-lethal carry?

Once again, this is a matter of preference and mission. Just because you find yourselves in situations where carrying a gun is not possible that doesn’t mean you have to be left defenseless. Pepper spray carries with the advantages of being affordable, effective and legal in every state. It can work to disperse larger crowds and even wild animals. However, with a little gift from the wind it might wind up dispersing yourself. Tasers are effective in that it packs a punch as a higher ability to stop an attacker in his tracks. The only problem is it requires some proximity and can only hold a few shots. The choice is yours and it just needs a quality holder to make sure you have it on your person when it matters most.

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