"Self-Defense" is traditionally defined as the defense of one’s person or interests, especially through the use of physical force, which is even permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime. Safekeeping oneself, one’s property, personal valuables and family from outside dangers has become an obligation. In a world that generates so many potential threats and risks, the urgency for having self-defense gear has never been greater.

Through ingenuity and enhancements in technology, less lethal weapons, devices, tools and equipment have become available to the general public. The universe is full of weapons, uncertainty and doubt, so why not safeguard yourself and ensure protection through Self-Defense Gear like Stun Devices, Pepper Sprays, Defensive Lighting, Batons, Defensive Knives, Handcuffs & Restraints and other Less-Lethal Devices.

DNA Tactical strongly believes in personal security and self-preservation. Whether you are an active US Armed Forces Soldier, Security Guard, Active Law Enforcement Officer, Professional Hiker, College Student or Civilian Jogger, investing into Self-Defense and Less Lethal Weapons provides the ability to defend yourself and more importantly, protect your health & safety. These vital self-defense tools are the first line of personal defense against harm, attacks and injury. From portable, modular, full-size, and compact devices, we tender the best selection of reliable, legal, trusted and high quality Self-Defense Equipment on the web.

It can be overwhelming though to have to sort through all the self-defense gear and training materials that are available on the net today. With so many options available, DNA Tactical is your best online source for Self-Defense Products carrying top brand manufacturers like The Safariland Group, Mace Self-Defense, SureFire, Taser International, Asp USA and so much more. We are committed to providing the best selection of products at affordable rates to ensure that you can buy self-defense gear with confidence and be ready for any potential threat.

Looking for a purse-sized Pepper Spray model? Not sure what Stun-Gun to keep in your car? Shopping for a Self-Defense flashlight with a stun-function? Have additional concerns about self-defense pens? Take a moment and contact us, our team of trained experts are here to offer the highest quality service and are happy to assist you in securing your Self-Defense needs.

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