Most any job can be made safer

I remember an assignment I had in the fourth grade. We were supposed to walk around our houses and find the best or the most important tools in our homes. I walked first to the barn to look at all the equipment for the yard and fields and paddocks and pens ‑ everything from rusting scythes to filthy posthole diggers to more wrenches than I could count to piles of nails and screws and other fasteners. Nothing there seemed like The Most Important Tool. I tried the garage next ‑ more wrenches and everything was covered in oil, and nothing seemed even as important as the tools in the barn. Next came the kitchen. Mom and I love cooking and baking, and I was kicking myself for not looking there first; I felt certain that the title of most important would come from the pantry or countertop or drawers or cupboard, for what could be more important than the tools that fed the family? But…as soon as I was in the kitchen, I was thinking of food which led me to thinking about where our food came from (much of ours was from our land) which led me to thinking about our shotguns and rifles and fishing equipment and all the tools that transform an animal into game and then into food. As you can tell, many tools seemed vital to my young mind.

The center of the philosophy at DNA Tactical is tools. Granted, tools can mean many things to many people, and of course different tasks call for different tools. No matter how much I love my new impact drill, it doesn't help me when I have to dry my hair or paint my toenails. What anyone who has had complex physical tasks to complete knows is that the right tool depends on the job and whose hands are tasked with completing the job. The right tool for one job and one person can be (and almost always is) the wrong tool for every other job done. How many of us have been frustrated at having to use the wrong tool to get a job done? How many innocent butter knives have been flung across kitchens after they have been forced into duty as flat-head screw drivers? In fact, just yesterday, I used my TV remote to pound the pin through the new backstrap of my pistol.

DNA Tactical knows that when life preservation and life defense are the tasks at hand, only the exactly correct tools made to perform at the highest possible levels are appropriate. Whether the task is outfitting your daily carry piece with the best aftermarket or OEM components or finding the right tool to sharpen your knife, only the right tools will do. DNA Tactical has amassed a wide range of tools for tasks ranging from breaching a door to dressing a deer to cleaning a firearm to the myriad daily tasks designed to be handled by a belt-carry multi-tool. In fact, my work has me taking my multi-tool from my belt to work on computers daily ‑ sometimes hourly. I used to walk to my office to get my tool box, but the multi-tool I found at DNA Tactical is so comprehensive and so well made, that it has become my default for all but the most specialized computer work.

Back to that assignment I had in the fourth grade - my teacher disagreed with my final answer. She said that what I had chosen as The Most Important Tool wasn't a tool at all. She said that a tool was designed to help us complete tasks. She said that without my "tool", we wouldn't be able to do even the simplest things. I told her that the tool I had chosen had the best manufacturer of all. She just shook her head at me. I had written that the most important tool that I could find after touching and lifting and looking at every other tool in our home had been literally right in front of me during the entire search: my hands. I still think I was right, but, search as I might, I've yet to find my hands on the DNA Tactical website. I'm pretty sure that those are the only tools that they haven't vetted, tested and support. So, when you have a job to complete which you can't complete with just your hands, look to DNA Tactical for the advice and the tools that you need.

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