Ankle Holsters

When we think of carrying a concealed firearm, we usually think of carrying on the hip or under the arm or even in a bag, but there is little better concealment for a weapon than an ankle holster. While we often we choose to carry our backup weapon in such a configuration, there are times when only the deepest concealment will do, and the ankle becomes the best location. A quick draw from an ankle holster is rarely in the cards, but if you want to keep your weapon close and deeply concealed, this may well be the best option for you.

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Ankle Glove (Holster)

Item #: AG

Ankle Lite (Holster)

Item #: AL

C21BA Ankle Holster

Item #: C21BA
Value: $56.07 Save: $11.18

Cop Ankle Band

Item #: CAB
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