The Key is Always Preparation

March 26 2017 / DNA TACTICAL INC

With their specific Medical Components and their complete Medical Kits, DNA Tactical has the tools that you need to make sure that you come home safely from every environment and every encounter in your life. You will know that you have what you need on your belt, in your bag, or in your car to preserve both your life and the lives of those around you.

Have you trained for or read about emergency situations? Have you taken courses and seminars and classes on situational awareness and preparation for worse case scenarios? Have you worked with tools of physical and lethal self-defense to make certain that no matter the situation, both you and yours will emerge unscathed? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you have given serious thought to what happens when things go sideways…when people do get hurt ‑ be they ourselves or those around us. We need the tools to make sure that we can preserve the lives of the people who depend on us. DNA Tactical has the tools for you to be able to do exactly that. No matter if you need to supplement your gear bag or if you need an entire kit, you will find what you need along with a company that has the experience and know-how to back them up.

If you are reading this, you most likely have an affinity for self-preservation. Note that I did not simply say self-defense. While these are most certainly overlapping terms, and I may be splitting hairs a little with my distinction, but for what I want to talk about today, I find the distinction necessary. Most all of us here have taken courses and read books and articles and trained professionally to preserve and protect the lives of ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues and the innocents of the world. There are many reasons that we have made these studies and practices and disciplines major parts of our lives. Sometimes, before we even truly know our priorities, we have been called to a profession that requires that we learn to protect and care for those around us from violent forces. Other times, an experience in our lives exposed us to the dangerous and ugly truths of our world, making it impossible for us to turn away from preparation. And many times, having simply observed the world and its dangers, we have decided the prudent thing to do is to learn and to prepare ourselves to preserve and protect and defend, come what may.

Often, the focus of these conversations is about defending ourselves and those around us from dangerous attacks by the use of situational awareness and a considered, yet often physical, response. Not nearly as much time is spent on how to preserve ourselves after an injury has been suffered. This may be because focusing on preventing the injury is a more inspiring topic. It may be because focusing on preventing the injury is, frankly, more fun. Whatever the myriad reasons, many of us tend to overlook the tools necessary to treat the inevitable outcomes of violent encounters with our world. Luckily for us, DNA Tactical makes this their primary focus. Theirs is a company that focuses on finding the absolute best in self-preservation gear ‑ gear that has been tested in the field and in battle. They search for American made equipment that is made to keep us alive and to get us home in one piece. They cut their teeth creating their own "Modular ‑ Multi-Conditional Medical Kits that [were] designed to accommodate the survival needs of various individuals, in various circumstances, with the concept of 'You, Surviving Your Conditions', 'Removing the B.S.' and, all in all, the 'Ease of Use' at the very heart of each design."

Taking these two principle pieces of DNA Tactical's history into account, it is no surprise that their med-kits and medical components represent the absolute bleeding edge of survival tools, for all individuals in all situations and all environments. Their kits are designed and grouped by the situation that a survivalist may find him or herself in (e.g. the woods, or the side of the highway), by specific professions that will carry these tools of preservation and protection every single day (from EMTs and first responders to camp scouts), and by treatment necessary for specific types of injuries one might sustain (from gunshot trauma to short-term night-out emergencies). Their components are state-of-the-art tools for diagnosing, stabilizing and treating victims of various deliberate acts of violence and accidents of this world. From stethoscopes to blood pressure cuffs to cervical collars, DNA Tactical has the specific tools that we all might need one day.

We all know that we are to hope for the best and to prepare for the worst. There are many ways in which we can prepare ourselves. Training and practice are two of the most important tools that we can employ to prepare for the frightening and possibly lethal curve balls that our world can throw at us when are least expecting them, and so are the proper tools. DNA Tactical has made its entire mission to create, assemble and present to you, the prepared and responsible citizen, the most effective and self-preserving tools in the industry. Defending our lives is necessary at times, yet preserving them is a never-ending task that requires vigilance, training and tools. I recommend letting DNA Tactical be your primary source for the tools you need to preserve your life along with the lives of your loved ones and the innocents of your world.

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