Medical components

As vital as complete medical kits are, there are items and tools for addressing various medical emergencies that can befall any of us at any time that simply are not part of these kits, and that are incredibly useful to have on hand. DNA Tactical has a complete collection of medical components from neck stabilizers to air splints. Make sure that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe by supplementing your medical kit with specialty tools from DNA Tactical.

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Asherman Chest Seal

Item #: EMI-9146

Emergency Air Splint

Item #: EMI-63
Value: $96.00 Save: $80.00

Heat-Up Hand Warmers 40 Pair, PDQ

Item #: UST20-02127-02
Value: $39.60 Save: $8.71

Heat-Up Toe Warmers 40 Pair PDQ

Item #: UST20-02124-02
Value: $39.60 Save: $8.71

No-See-Um Jacket

Item #: UST20-51177
Value: $12.99 Save: $2.86

No-See-Um Suit

Item #: UST20-02259-60
Value: $19.99 Save: $4.40

Protectorrefill Kit

Item #: EMI-478

Rescue Tournaquet

Item #: EMI-440
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