LED lighting is almost a necessity for weapons systems now. There are many situations where you need to have strong and clear light at the same time as having both hands on your weapon. DNA Tactical has various conversion lamps to make certain that the lighting on your long and handguns remains up to date and powerful, ensuring that you always have the brightest and whitest light available.

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Lamp Assembly

Item #: SF-MN03
Value: $20.00 Save: $2.00

Lamp/Reflector Assembly

Item #: SF-P60

Led Head, Crenellated

Item #: SF-KE1D-A-BK
Value: $259.00 Save: $25.90

Led Module, 300 Lu

Item #: SF-KE1F-BK

Led Module, 600 Lu

Item #: SF-KE2-A-BK
Value: $229.00 Save: $22.90

Led Module, Black

Item #: SF-KM1-C-BK
Value: $251.00 Save: $25.10
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