Outdoors shelters

When staying outside in the elements ‑ be it due to a planned trip through the outdoors or an emergency in your home or in your neighborhood that drives you to need to sleep without a roof ‑ a shelter (temporary or permanent) is an absolute necessity. Whether you need a full tent, or just a tarp or even mosquito netting, DNA Tactical has what you need. Stay out of the sun and the rain and the wind and the elements with a field-tested shelter
6 product(s) found

All-Weather Tarp

Item #: UST-20-5010-01
Value: $29.99 Save: $6.63

Bug Tent

Item #: UST20-5000-01
Value: $29.99 Save: $6.60

Hex Tarp

Item #: UST20-51144-1
Value: $39.99 Save: $8.80

Shelter Module - Core

Item #: S3-MO-10400
Value: $24.95 Save: $2.49

Shelter-in-Place Kit

Item #: UST20-720-01
Value: $99.99 Save: $22.00

Tube Tarp 1.0

Item #: UST20-51083-1
Value: $39.99 Save: $8.80
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