There are times when, no matter how well prepared and experienced we are, we find ourselves in situations where we need help ‑ and not just a leg up over an obstacle, but where we are stranded and our only chance at survival is being found by potential rescuers. This is a time when we need to be able to signal people who are far from us. Whether that signal comes from a whistle or a light or a mirror, the signaling device needs to be durable, waterproof and floatable. DNA Tactical wants to make sure that you are able to signal those who can help you, or your loved ones whom you may need help to move.

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JetScream Floating Whistle, Black

Item #: UST20-300-02
Value: $6.99 Save: $1.57

PFD Signal Kit 1.0

Item #: UST20-709-01-M
Value: $14.99 Save: $3.30

PFD Signal Kit 2.0

Item #: UST20-710-01-M
Value: $19.99 Save: $4.40

StarFlash and JetScream Combo

Item #: UST20-611-300-08
Value: $19.99 Save: $4.40

StarFlash Floating Signal Mirror

Item #: UST20-1WG0611
Value: $11.99 Save: $2.67

StarFlash Micro Mirror

Item #: UST20-51170-101
Value: $4.99 Save: $1.10
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