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Anyone who has ever used an edged tool for any task knows that the tool is only as good as its edge! No matter the quality of the steel and the ergonomics of the handle and the beauty and craftsmanship of the sheath, if the edge is dull, your blade may as well be a butter knife. DNA Tactical sharpeners is a collection of exceptional and user-friendly tools, devices, and entire kits to quickly and safely (for both you and for your blade) return your edge to factory sharpness. Never be frustrated by a dull knife again!

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Basic Mine Probe Kit, Sheath

Item #: 05984

Bear Grylls Field Sharpener

Item #: 31-001270
Value: $25.00 Save: $4.00

BG Survival Whistle

Item #: 31-002786

Diamond Knife Sharpener

Item #: 09841

Engineer's Kit, Coyote Brown Sheath

Item #: 30-000126
Value: $757.00 Save: $198.01

Offroad Survival Kit/SUV Kit, Black Nylon Case

Item #: 05635
Value: $573.00 Save: $75.00

Pocket Sharpener

Item #: 04307
Value: $4.00 Save: $1.00
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