Ear muffs

The damage that can be done to our ears while shooting can be permanent and can take only one shot to inflict. Of course, if we are taking that one shot to preserve our life or the life of an innocent, we are all willing to risk some hearing loss. But to risk that while training is simply foolish. There are many ways to protect our ears, but earmuffs are the most effective way in a high- or low-tech manner to keep out dangerous sounds and yet allow us to hear softer sounds clearly.

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Bullseye H6B/V Earmuff NRR 19

Item #: 97008
Value: $29.60 Save: $16.60

Bullseye ShotGunner Earmuff NRR 21

Item #: 97011
Value: $29.60 Save: $7.61

Digital WorkTunes Hearing Protector

Item #: 90541
Value: $83.31 Save: $22.32

Peltor Shotgunner NRR 21

Item #: 97012
Value: $29.60 Save: $4.74

Sport Ultimate 10 Earmuffs

Item #: 97010
Value: $33.91 Save: $5.43
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