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Whenever we are outside in the elements, there are many threats. Most of us tend to think of threats as violent attackers on either two or four legs. While these do indeed exist and must be prepared for, there are many other threats that are equally as dangerous and actually more likely. These can be defended against with specific tools that will keep your electrolytes stabilized and your extremities warm. DNA Tactical knows that keeping yourself safe requires many tools ‑ let them help you keep your loved ones and yourself safe and healthy.

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Heat-Up Hand Warmers 40 Pair, PDQ

Item #: UST20-02127-02
Value: $39.60 Save: $8.71

Heat-Up Toe Warmers 40 Pair PDQ

Item #: UST20-02124-02
Value: $39.60 Save: $8.71

Manicure Set Traveler

Item #: 04BO306
Value: $43.95 Save: $3.96

Rehydration Salts

Item #: S3-CO-60110
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