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Colormed Deluxe Holster Set

Item #: 949
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EMI’s complete color coordinated holster set is now available in pink. The holster set features our popular Emergency Response Holster. All of the instruments and even the stethoscope are coordinated in the popular pink color! A great gift for the EMS professional.


  • Color: Pink
  • Type: Stethoscope

Colormed™ Deluxe Holster Set Includes:

  • Emeregency Response Holster
  • EMS Deluxe Shears (Pink)
  • 5½" Colorband Scissors (Pink)
  • 5½" Straight Kelly Forcep (Pink)
  • Disposable Penlight (Pink)
  • 4½" Splinter Forcep (Pink)
  • Dual Head Stethoscope (Pink)
  • 4½" Straight Iris Scissor (Pink)
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