Duty Holsters

The phrase "duty holster" used to mean specifically a holster designed to carry an officer's duty weapon. While that is still the case in many situations, a duty holster now refers more to a style or design of the holster and the materials it is made of. A duty holster will often be made of kydex, carbon fiber, plastic and nylon whereas leather is rarely a part of a duty holster's makeup. Duty holsters are rarely IWB and DNA Tactical carries rigs from only the best lines in the industry, including HOGUE and Sig Sauer.

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ARS Holster Thigh Rig CF Weave

Item #: HOG00530
Value: $49.95 Save: $19.98


Value: $62.00 Save: $17.00

LBE Compact Holster

Item #: 5-58828-019
Value: $37.99 Save: $3.00

LBE Holster

Item #: 5-58780-019
Value: $37.99 Save: $3.00

Paddle Retention Holster

Value: $32.95 Save: $9.96

ThumbDrive Holster

Item #: 5-50254-019
Value: $64.99 Save: $5.00

ThumbDrive TacPack - Glock 34/35

Item #: 5-50237-019
Value: $129.99 Save: $10.00
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