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As not every danger encountered requires the use of deadly force, not every tool that you carry to keep you safe is directly applicable to ending a deadly force encounter. DNA Tactical has ensured that you will always have high quality and field-tested pouches to carry flashlights, handcuffs and first aid supplies. These other tools that you carry every day that are necessities as well and, while they are not going to be used to prevent deadly force, they can be just as needed to make sure that you and your loved ones survive the dangerous world that we all inhabit.

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Ankle Safe

Item #: CAS
Value: $39.95 Save: $7.99

Badge Holder

Item #: BHSTB

C-A-T Holder

Item #: NAR30-0057

EMS Nylon Wallet

Item #: EMI-273

Fire Nylon Wallet

Item #: EMI-272

Galco Cop Magazine and Cuff Paddle Carriers

Item #: MCP2
Value: $67.95 Save: $13.59

Hearing Protector/Disposable Cuff Holder

Item #: 1096842
Value: $3.50 Save: $0.52

Key Holder w/ 1" Belt Keeper, Web

Item #: 1017768
Value: $8.25 Save: $2.06
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