Pepper Spray Holsters

DNA Tactical knows that you are not always in a situation where you can respond with deadly force to the threats that the world may present. In fact, there are many places where it is illegal to carry a firearm to defend yourself and your loved ones. So, DNA Tactical has assembled holsters for pepper spray and stun tools to make sure that, even when you cannot carry respond with lethal force, you are never without the means to prevent an attack.

4 product(s) found

Belt Mounted Mace Pouch

Item #: 52DMP
Value: $14.45 Save: $6.67

Key Chain Pepper Spray

Item #: 8038

Mace Muzzle Bear Spray Holster

Item #: 80364
Value: $14.99 Save: $8.00

Mace Pepper Gun Holster

Item #: 8010
Value: $29.99 Save: $18.00
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