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Shelter Module - Core

Item #: S3-MO-10400
Manufacturer: SOLKOA
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The SOLKOA Survival Systems Modules allow you to round out or tailor your emergency survival kit with top-quality, task-focused components based on one of the 8 survival needs: Signal, Navigation, Fire, Shelter, Tools, Medical, Water, and Food.

The Shelter Module - Core provides the minimum components necessary for building and providing shelter from all the elements during an unexpected night out and short duration emergencies in normal environments. The module includes a sturdy nylon stuff sack to store all the components.

Heat Reflecting Blanket, 1.0 mil.
Nylon Paracord, Type III, 20 ft.
Duct Tape, 24 in. Flat Pack
Bug Repellent Wipes (2)
Sun Lotion Packs, 0.25 oz. (2)
Eye Pro, Wrap, 100% UV Block
Nitrile Gloves
Nylon Stuff Sack

SOLKOA Survival Systems products are derived from SOLKOA, Inc.'s professional line of military contingency tools and kits developed and refined by our principals for nearly three decades. Tested under the harshest conditions by those with the toughest jobs in the most dangerous places, our products blend a no-nonsense focus on function, durability and flexibility while reducing unnecessary weight and bulk. The lone warrior team at SOLKOA strives every day to ensure our offerings provide all our customers the crucial edge for success when their lives must depend on it. This is our passion, and our promise.


  • Component: Blanket, bug repellent, sun lotion, gloves
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