A lantern is a freestanding or hanging light source that is designed to cast light in 360ยบ. They are designed to fill a room in a home or cabin or an entire tent with clear white light for hour after hour. DNA Tactical has chosen only the best lanterns of varying sizes so you can make sure that you have all the light you need without paying for more than your space requires.
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10-Day Duro Lantern

Item #: 20-PLC6B
Value: $39.95 Save: $6.96

30-Day DURO LED Lantern

Item #: 20-PL20C3D
Value: $49.99 Save: $7.00

60-Day DURO LED Lantern Titanium

Item #: 20-PLN0C6D002
Value: $79.99 Save: $7.00

UST Brila Mini Lantern

Item #: 20-AWR05WL03-01
Value: $14.95 Save: $3.29

UST PICO Lantern

Item #: 20-PL70C4BA
Value: $29.95 Save: $11.51
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