For anyone that has had to conduct a search for an individual or a group, we know that a strobe light is one of the most useful tools if ever we become lost. Some strobes are activated by immersion in water, while others are turned on manually. These lights are not designed to be held in the hand and to illuminate the ground before `” instead these strobes are meant to be locator beacons to make you far more visible to a potential search party.
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See-Me 1.0 LED Light

Item #: UST85-51152-CRD-M
Value: $14.99 Save: $3.30

See-Me 2.0 LED Strobe Water Activation

Item #: UST85-4075A-CRD
Value: $29.99 Save: $6.60

See-Me Duo LED Light

Item #: UST85-51142-CRD
Value: $32.99 Save: $7.26

See-Me Paddler Kit

Item #: UST20-714-01-M
Value: $29.99 Save: $6.60

See-Me Select LED Light

Item #: UST85-51071R-CRD
Value: $69.99 Save: $15.40
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