One of the most vital yet often undervalued pieces of kit that we have is our medical kit. Anyone who takes the survival of him or herself seriously (not to mention that of our loved ones) keeps a kit at home and in the car and in an emergency bag. Yet those kits are often an afterthought, with the principal focus being on the tools and training of fighting. DNA Tactical carries a variety of thoughtfully and carefully prepared medical kits for just about any situation or location. If you are going into the woods or into town, for an evening of fun or for weeks of solitude, DNA Tactical has what you need to address any medical emergency that you or those around you might face.

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No-See-Um Suit

Item #: UST20-02259-60
Value: $19.99 Save: $4.40

Pro Kit

Item #: S3-KI-20100-BK

Pro Response 2 Bag / Extreme

Item #: EMI-805

Pro Response 2 Complete

Item #: EMI-830

Pro Response Bag / Plus

Item #: EMI-64

Pro Response Basic Kit

Item #: EMI--86

Pro Response Complete

Item #: EMI-85

Protectorrefill Kit

Item #: EMI-478

Quick Aid Kit

Item #: EMI-45

Rapid Response Pac

Item #: EMI-87

Rescue Tournaquet

Item #: EMI-440

Resq Med Holster Set

Item #: EMI-688

Road Warrior

Item #: EMI-47

Specialty Kit - SUMA Elite

Item #: S3-SOL-SPC
Value: $154.95 Save: $15.49

Survivor Disaster Kit

Item #: EMI-470

TACMED Gunshot/ Trauma Kit

Item #: EMI-914

Trauma Pac

Item #: EMI-857

Watertight First Aid Kit 2.0

Item #: UST-80-30-1470
Value: $11.99 Save: $2.64

Weather Alert Survival Kit

Item #: EMI-48
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