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When planning to purchase a holster for your firearm, it is vitally important to purchase a holster which properly fits the required revolver or pistol, and will safely and securely retain the weapon during the type of activities envisioned while wearing it. Often times, people will shop for exactly that and essentially overlook a very key element…COMFORT. If comfort isn't taken into account, the wearer will be desiring a whole new holster within just a few weeks or even days. Buyer beware! Ignoring this element will lead to severe frustration (i.e. ‑ Holster Rage) and is entirely preventable from the beginning.


You just picked up a brand new Glock 17, and of course without hesitation, want to test out your new "Purchase", immediately heading to the shooting range where you meet up with a good friend of yours, who brings his Colt 1911. After a few shooting warm-up drills, you each decide to try out the other's firearm. The very first thing you notice is how different they feel from the other in your hand, due to the differences in grip angle. 

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